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Kindred Classic Bedroom Collection
Classic Chapter Style 1

Chapter Style 1
Simply refined
Distinctly sophisticated yet refined, style 1 pairs functional design with subtle neutral tones of gold and green…

Classic Chapter Style 2

Chapter Style 2
Decadent elegance
Distinguished and graceful, style 2 demonstrates design that blends perfectly with the features of a traditional period…

Classic Chapter Style 3

Chapter Style 3
Timeless and magical
Creating a playful room, style 3 starts with an inviting palette of lighter tones that form…

Classic Origin Style 1

Origin Style 1
Coastal haven
A room for quiet reflection, style 1 captures the essence of the ocean. The combination of natural…

Classic Origin Style 2

Origin Style 2
Work, life & home
Making the most of a guest bedroom within a new property, style 2 offers the…

Classic Origin Style 3

Origin Style 3
An explorers retreat
Rustic and understated, style 3 shows chalk whites combined with natural textures for a rural style…

Classic Origin Style 4

Origin Style 4
The perfect hideout
Enter a child's world of imagination. Within a smaller new build, Style 4 demonstrates a clever…

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