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Experience Unmatched Comfort: Relyon Beds at Forrest Furnishing!

Have you been tossing and turning all night?  Craving a sleep experience so luxurious it feels like a dream? Look no further than Relyon beds, available at Forrest Furnishing in Glasgow!

Forrest has one of the largest Bed and mattress displays in Scotland with over 85 Mattresses, Divan and Bedframes on display in our South Street Showroom.

Since 1858, Relyon has been synonymous with comfort and quality sleep. Founded by Somerset wool merchants with a dedication to craftsmanship, Relyon beds have been a trusted name for generations.

Why Choose Relyon Beds at Forrest Furnishing?

Generations of Expertise: Experience the legacy of comfort firsthand. Relyon’s artisans, skilled for over 160 years, craft each bed with meticulous attention to detail.

Natural Fillings & Advanced Support: Sink into the luxurious comfort of natural fillings combined with Relyon’s innovative, supportive pocket spring technology.

Sustainable Practices: Relyon prioritizes the environment, using FSC-certified timber and upholding a long tradition of mattress recycling. You can sleep soundly knowing you’re making a responsible choice.

Unwavering Quality: Relyon is ISO9001 certified, ensuring the highest quality standards. Their on-site facilities, including spring manufacturing, a wood mill, and a laboratory, guarantee complete control over every aspect of production.

Don’t just dream of a good night’s sleep, experience it!  Visit Forrest Furnishing, your premier Relyon bed destination in Glasgow. Our showroom boasts the latest Relyon models, all waiting for you to test-drive.  Our sleep experts are also on hand to help you find the perfect Relyon bed for your individual needs. Upgrade your sleep and transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort. Visit Forrest Furnishing in Glasgow today or view the Relyon collection on our website.

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